We  provide bespoke aviation travel solutions while maintaining the highest standards. 


Aviation Experts


Constellation Aviation Services was founded in 2011 and is headquartered in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. We are a team of highly qualified and experienced private, corporate and commercial aviation executives who have extensive experience in the Middle East and beyond. We place complete confidence in our engineering, operations and management teams with vast experience in private aviation and enviable reputations within the industry. 


Our Four Cornerstones


We deliver on what we promise, maintaining transparency and honesty in our operations.


We appreciate and respect our client confidentiality. 


We are committed to promoting a culture of safety throughout our operation. 


We believe the true key to our client satisfaction is through elegant simplicity. 


The Team


Capt. Elliot Webb
Chief Executive Officer

Elliott has been involved in aviation from a young age, frequently attending Air Freight and Motor Carries conferences with his father. He started flying in 1992 and still remains current on the Airbus. Over the past 24 years, Elliott has been involved in Single Pilots Ops, Freight, Low Cost, High cost and VIP Markets. Elliott became a trainer on Boeing aircraft and operated more than 2000 hours of instructional work. As base Captain he was involved in the set up of two lucrative ACMI contracts in Asia and the Middle East respectively. His keen interest in aviation safety, coupled with his training background led him to the UAE where he wrote one of the first SMS manuals to be approved in the region and set up training and flight operations departments. Elliott has held Positions as Training, Safety, Flight Operations Post Holder and currently Accountable Manager. He believes in a modern hands on approach to aviation, combining technology, customer service and work at the front line to truly understand his client’s needs.

Capt. Colin J. Fullerton
Head of Safety


Stephen McAteer
Head of Engineering and Maintenence

Simon D'Oyly 
Head of Commercial & Business Development


Lisa Beer Zeuthen
Cabin Crew Manager




 Capt. Robin Masse
Head of Training


Daniel Sullivan
Head of Quality Assurance


Nishant Rao
Head of Ground Operations