Constellation Aviation Services LLC achieves IS-BAO Stage 2 certification

Constellation Aviation Services is proud to announce that it has earned IS-BAO Stage 2 certification, demonstrating its ongoing commitment to its Safety Management System (SMS). Certificates of registration are issued by the International Business Aviation Council (IBAC) to airlines that have demonstrated compliance through successful completion of an IBAC accredited audit.

IS-BAO created the stages of SMS development to ensure programme maintenance and progress. Stage 1 certification is achieved when the operator’s SMS has been documented, approved and resourced. Stage 2 certification is granted to those operators whose SMS is functioning with the results being actively measured. Less than 20% of all operators globally have achieved Stage 2 status.

Elliott Webb, Accountable Manager and CEO says, “Achieving this prestigious IS-BAO certification puts Constellation Aviation Services in an elite category among world air carriers who have a mature Safety Management System. It is truly a testament to our high level of expertise and exemplary safety record. We are one of only five operators in the UAE to receive IS-BAO certification and only two of which have Stage 2 certification.